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Website Cost Calculator

Website design cost calculator helps customers to get a website design cost or eCommerce website development cost in India. Are you unsure of how much a website costs in India? Our online website cost calculator is here to help. Simply fill in a few details and it will give you an idea of how much money you need to invest in your website. We will provide a precise quote after we speak with you to determine your needs.

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Get an estimate using our website design cost calculator.

When viewers land on your Homepage, if they click on a button from your main menu or a link in your page’s content that takes them to a different URL within your website, that URL would be considered a page.

Note: All websites contain five pages: Home, About Us, Services or Products, Clients or Portfolio, and Contact Us.

Catalog-type websites
 will include one archive template and one single template of any post type, such as projects, products, services, or properties.

An eCommerce website will include a shop page and a single product. I will create 5 product categories and upload 30 products.

Common examples to consider as separate pages are the: Homepage | About Us  | Services  | Clients | Testimonials  | Contact Us.

Cost Calculator

STEP 1 – Website Type

Just select website type, number of pages, hosting, copywriting, and premium stock image below.


STEP 2 – Main Addons

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STEP 3 – Optional Addons

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Catalog Website Addons

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Ecommerce Website Addons

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Base Charges: ₹

Hosting & Domain: ₹

Google Workspace User:  ₹

Extra Pages: ₹

Copy Writing: ₹

Stock Images: ₹

Logo Design: ₹

Slider: ₹

Maps: ₹

Image Gallery: ₹

Testimonials: ₹

Portfolio: ₹

Optional Addons: ₹

Catalog Addons: ₹

Ecommerce Addons: ₹

Estimated cost: ₹

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